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The LearningStudio Activity Feed APIs provide a listing of a user's activity from across their LearningStudio courses - this allows you to create a feature such as an activity stream (like a Twitte...
The LearningStudio Announcements APIs extend the reach of announcements beyond the course.
Provides content from the Pearson Brilliant Books series.
Content Extensions are a JavaScript library within LearningStudio that exposes information about the course and the user. They are not RESTful API requests, but rather a way to create dynamic text ...
The LearningStudio Course Detail APIs provide information about the course, such as it's title, ID, and parent course (if it was copied). They also can provide a list of courses that a user is enro...
The LearningStudio Course Structure APIs provide the list of content items in the course and can also provide a hierarchical listing of content items. Course Structure includes all content items.
Deeplinking provides an endpoint that you can use to launch directly into LearningStudio course items from an external source, effectively bypassing the need for the user to log in to the course it...
The DELETE Cartridge API removes a SCORM package (=cartridge) record from the Pearson SCORM Services Platform and the static content assets that were deployed to a content delivery network during a...
The DELETE Progress API removes all the progress records for a given user with a given SCORM package (=cartridge).
LearningStudio APIs that have been deprecated (retired).
Provides content from a wide range of dictionaries in multiple languages.
Document Sharing (or Doc Sharing) is a LearningStudio tool for sharing documents and files relevant to the course.
LearningStudio Dropbox provides a central, private location where course users can submit and retrieve assignments and graded activities.
LearningStudio’s Eventing suite provides the ability for applications to be notified when certain events happen within LearningStudio
Use the LearningStudio Exams API to create an alternative test-taking experience for students.
The LearningStudio Grades API lets you manage grade data including retrieving, updating, and creating grade data.
Use the LearningStudio Groups API to retrieve a list of course groups and group members.
The Launch Player API loads the Pearson SCORM Services Player into a browser.
Provides recipes for enthusiasts and chefs from the Pearson Kitchen Manager API.
The POST Cartridge API enables a new SCORM package zip file (=cartridge) to be added to the Pearson SCORM Services Platform by a Consumer.
Pearson SCORM Services send the outcomes from sessions with SCORM media to a network end point if that web service is declared as one of the parameters in a Launch Request. Outcomes are typically s...
The LearningStudio Schedule API lets you retrieve and update information about content access and due dates.
APIs to help you integrate LearningStudio seamlessly into your own Identity and Access Management systems.
The LearningStudio Social APIs provide information about user profiles and online/offline status. They also support micro-blogging within the contextual setting of groups, which currently correspo...
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