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LearningStudio's main method for organizing information is a course, which contains all the content, grades, homework submissions, etc, for a student to learn about a particular topic. Here's some important things to know about courses:

  • Courses are assigned to a single term.
  • Courses may be copied from one term to the next (this is a common model, called the Master Course Model).
    • While a new copy is created with the same content, gradebook structure, etc, the content items are wholly distinct from the source course.
    • There is not a hierarchy of courses, but when courses are copied the source course is called the parent.
  • Users cannot access course material unless they are enrolled in a course. For each course, users will have a designated role, such as Professor, Teaching Assistant, or Student.
  • Courses have start and end dates, which are typically determined by the Term to which the course is assigned.

Two sets of APIs are included in this section:

  • The Course Detail APIs provide information about the course, such as it's title, ID, and parent course (if it was copied). They also can provide a list of courses that a user is enrolled in and another list of courses that exist in a particular term.
  • The Enrollments APIs are essentially the course roster APIs. They provide a list of users enrolled in the course, including students, teachers, and teaching assistants, as well as a list of students who have dropped the course.

Note: These APIs are read-only. To create courses, users, and enrollments, refer to the SIS Interoperability section.

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