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Document Sharing (or Doc Sharing) is a LearningStudio tool for sharing documents and files relevant to the course. Some of the ways this tool is used include:

  • Teachers share resources that expand on course content, aid in studying, or provide additional context ("additional readings" or "case studies")
    • The content may or may not be needed to pass the class
  • Students share relevant news clippings or files that augment course projects.
    • Students' use of Doc Sharing may or may not be graded or for an assignment
  • When students are organized into group projects, they can post group materials in their group-specific category

Documents are organized into categories. There is a root category for the course, and if the course uses groups, each group will have its own category as well. The teacher can also create custom categories.

> Note, categories can only be created or edited via the LearningStudio user interface.

Both teachers and students can upload and download files. Documents can be shared with the whole class (or group), or shared only with the teacher.

Note: To upload files with the APIs, you will need to use TempFiles API first. Once a file is uploaded to TempFiles, that API provides a URL that you'll send to the Doc Sharing API, which uses that URL to move the file from the temporary location into the LearningStudio course.

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