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Dropbox provides a central, private location where course users can submit and retrieve assignments and graded activities. Think of the Dropbox as a virtual Inbox and Outbox for course assignments where:

  • Students use their Outbox to send completed assignments to professors
  • Professors use their Inbox to retrieve submitted assignments from students
  • Professors use their Outbox to send graded assignments back to students
  • Students use their Inbox to review graded assignments from their professors
  • Users can attach files to Dropbox messages, such as essays written in Word®

The Dropbox is organized into baskets and each basket is attached to a content item. Students choose which basket to submit a message to (analogous to submitting a particular assignment in a particular unit). In a basket, students and teachers both have an "inbox" and an "outbox". When students submit an assignment, it will appear in the teacher's inbox and their own outbox. When a teacher returns an assignment (with or without a grade), it appears in the student's inbox and the teacher's outbox.

The APIs allow you to work with the message creation and transfer operations of the Dropbox, including submitting assignment, uploading documents, reading messages, and returning a message to a student's inbox. To combine these operations with grading activities, use the Grades API.

Note: There is only ever a single thread per student in a given basket. If a student sends multiple submissions to a dropbox basket, both will appear in the same "thread" of messages.

Dropbox baskets can only be created for Core Content-type content items (Text/Multimedia, MS Office Document, and Web Content Upload). Dropbox baskets can only be created via the LearningStudio user interface.

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