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LearningStudio has a robust exams engine that allows for a many different configurations for quizzing and testing students. With a variety of question types and user experience settings like retakable exams or exams with and without time limits, professors can create a variety of testing scenarios.

The Exams APIs are designed to enable taking an exam outside the LearningStudio User Interface. (Exams can only be created via the User Interface.) The most common use case is creating a mobile interface for exams, but they can be used for any use case where a different user experience is desired.

What's important to remember, especially for LearningStudio clients, is that certain features of the User Interface are not a part of the APIs. For example, the "one question per page" feature is a User Interface construct, and your application, using the APIs, would be responsible for reproducing it if desired. Likewise, and very important, the User Interface feature that auto-submits a timed exam when the timer runs out is not built into the APIs; instead, you must be careful of exam expiration and be sure to submit any pending submitted answers before that deadline. Additional details about these differences are included in the documentation where they are most important.

Exams is a complex domain with its own data model and security considerations. Please be sure to read the General Info section of the Exams documentation.

Exams Code Library

We encourage you to read through the Exams API documentation to understand the general principals of how these APIs work. But when it comes time to start coding, use the new LearningStudio Libraries to streamline your efforts. The libraries include composite functions that make some functions easier, such as retrieving all the questions to an exam.

API Limitations

  • The APIs are only valid for exams originally created after June 1, 2012. Exams created prior to that date are incompatible. This includes exams that were originally created before that date and copied into a new course after that date.
  • The LearningStudio User Interface is incompatible with an API-based exam instance. Exams started in the User Interface must be completed in the User Interface, and Exams started via API must be completed via API.

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