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Key to any online learning ecosystem is the ability to record and retrieve a student's performance in a course and on specific assignments. The Grades APIs allow you to manage grade data stored in LearningStudio, including:

  • Retrieving students' current grades in a course and for specific items.
  • Retrieving the structure of the gradebook (all gradable items)
  • Creating custom gradebook items
  • Updating grades

Common use cases for the Grades include:

  • Retrieving grades for input into a Student Information System
  • Third party learning tools writing their grades back to the course
  • Displaying a student's grade-to-date in a portal or dashboard

Grades Code Library

We encourage you to read through the Grades API documentation to understand the general principals of how these APIs work. But when it comes time to start coding, use the new LearningStudio Libraries to streamline your efforts. The libraries include composite functions that make some functions easier, such as creating a custom gradebook item.

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