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Note since the Social APIs are in Beta there is a separate API Product that you need to add to your app in order to use these APIs. Please see the Registration section below for details on how to add the Social API Product to your app.


A key component of modern online learning ecosystems is social learning. The Social APIs expose a number of LearningStudio's social learning features, and they underpin LearningStudio's social course home. These APIs are exposed externally in an open "beta", and they allow you to leverage a number of LearningStudio's social learning features, including :

  • User Avatar's
  • User Profile information
  • User online/offline status
  • User group affiliations, i.e. course section memberships
  • User micro-blogging within their associated groups, i.e. course sections


There is a separate API Product for the Social APIs. This product will need to be added to any app that wants to access to these APIs. Note all LearningStudio based apps still need to have the LearningStudio APIs product associated with them. To add the Social (Beta) - LearningStudio APIs to an existing app please follow these steps:

  1. When logged into the PDN go to the My Apps section of your account profile and select the app you would like to add the Social API product to.

  2. Next select the Edit App tab.

  3. In the Product list box select both the LearningStudio APIs and the Social (Beta) - LearningStudio APIs products and hit the Save App button.

Once the Social (Beta) - LearningStudio APIs product is added to your app you should be able to make calls to the LearningStudio Social APIs.

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