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The Event

250 developers, designers and people who simply had ideas and were looking for like-minded individuals who could being these ideas to fruition showed up over the weekend. The event kicked off at 9 am with registration and a breakfast buffet, allowing people to network, find potential teams and individuals to collaborate with over the next 24 hours or so. Presentations and pitching began around 11 o'clock, and the hacking began at 2. There was no real theme to the event, other than to build something that stands out, is amazing and/or is funny and has the potential to be turned into something tangible that generates revenue.



There were quite a lot of pitches (at least 30 initial ideas), with people still either looking for teams or looking for individuals with specific skills (developers, designers) to join their team. At the end of the hack a staggering 55 prototypes were created!!



The Winners

Testlio: A community for test engineers. Companies will be able to utilise the website to find resources to test out their applications. Instead having to go through the pains of recruiting, companies can simply employ the services of test engineers for a limited period of time through Testlio.


Penny: An app that notifies users when products they are watching are discounted. Whenever users come across a product they can't afford, they can watch the item through Penny using a Google extension. The application keeps an eye on the item and notifies the user through email once the price of the product drops.


BnkPositive: An app that teaches children how to manage their money. There are dual log-ins for parents and children. Parents can manage and control what happens with their children's accounts, while children can monitor their spending. The app also encourages children to save by asking how much of their pocket money they wish to allocate to personal spending and how much to their savings account.


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