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Posted by toddinorum | about 3 years ago

Depending on your user role, the Pearson Developer's Network can be different things to different people:

  • For developer teams at Pearson, its where teams place, maintain, market and manage their APIs.

  • For other dev teams, its where you can find a great API to reuse in your code. Want an API that generates Access codes? The PDN just shortened your innovation time! Look no further!

  • Want to learn about APIs? We've got that too in our Learning Resources.

So, how about the basics? What if I'm a manager and just want to know more about APIs and new product development?  You'll find those topics in our Learning Resources too, so be sure and take a look.

And, for now, I'd like to point you to a wonderful article on APIs from our friends at Programmable Web, titled What are APIs? And How Do They Work?  Great question; great read!  Stay tuned and check back weekly for more great content like we pull together great teaching resources from our own teams and others!



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