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We recently had a great communication from Andrew Cantino from Beeline Reader. As our client libraries are open source, he'd added some changes (which we gratefully accepted) and was kind enough to tell us about his project:   Screen Shot 2014-04-02 at 16.04.04     "BeeLine is really excited to have built a demo product using Pearsons' APIs. We make a reading-enhancement tool called BeeLine Reader that increases reading speed, ease, and accessibility by using eye-guiding color gradients. As you can see on our website, BeeLine Reader uses colored text in a way that draws readers' eyes from the end of one line to the beginning of the next. This technique increase reading speed dramatically (roughly 20%) for many readers, and it enables even more significant speed gains (up to 50%) for many readers with dyslexia, ADD, and vision problems."  

sample A sample of Beelined text


    "Until now, the only way to read with BeeLineReader was to use our browser plugins or PDF converter"   "People often ask us if we have a reading website or app, but we haven't yet built one because we haven't had any content for it. With Pearson's APIs, we can now build a site that features our technology and draws content from Pearson's vast library of news content. Our demo app allows students or other readers to search through this library and read content that has been natively BeeLined. Unlike with our other web tools, users don't have to click to activate coloring-- it's built into the content directly.  This allows us to showcase our technology and simultaneously to offer a tool for students and teachers that taps into a deep store of relevant and age-appropriate content."   "At the moment our integration is a beta technology demo, but we'd like to expand with more Pearson content, such as their Brilliant and Penguin Classics full-length book content via the API.  Toward this end, we've improved parts of their Ruby SDK to include the Penguin Classics content, as well as to standardize the Ruby usage, and have contributed back these changes.  We appreciate Pearson's responsiveness as we worked with the API."  


"We're also interested in working further with Pearson to add BeeLine coloring to their other reading and educational products, combining our efforts to help everyone read more."



Many thanks to Andrew and Beeline, we look forward to seeing how things evolve in the future!
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