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Posted by admin_pnp | about 6 years ago

About three months ago I starting working for Pearson as the technical lead and developer on the 'Plug & Play' project. We are a small team, trying to do something which some consider to be a little radical. I want to give developers, like you, access to the wealth of rich content and information that Pearson owns. Pearson may not be a name you'd recognise, I certainly hadn't really heard of them before I arrived. To paraphrase how someone else put it, "Pearson is a bit like to Unilever, you may not know the group brand but you've probably got a lot of what they produce".

We're just putting the final touches to our first three datasets which are:
DK Eyewitness Guide to London
FT Press collection of over 500 short articles
Longman Dictionary of Contemporary English

So, whilst we are beginning small we have big plans and high hopes. Personally I'd like to see as much content as possible available through this new channel, I am biased.


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Always Learning