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Quickly coming to a close this week, the 2015 Pearson Student Coding Contest will award Acclaim participant badges to all entrants whose idea submissions are accepted! And those who take 1st, 2nd and 3rd place will receive special individualized Acclaim digital badges. But what does that mean?

It means that those participants can strut their stuff to potential employers and colleges with a badge that can not only be electronically verified, but also describes the skills needed to accomplish acceptance to the contest! It looks really cool on your social media accounts and visually helps you stand out.

But behind the scenes, the badge carries data. In the case of the Pearson Student Coding badges, that data specifies the criteria set forth in the judging rubric. The data also carries keywords (or tags) specific to the badge to further show future employers what our contestants can do! For instance, a participant badge might have keywords associated with it, like "UX Design" or "Software Design" that can be searched by future employers for open jobs. And those words can even be modified on the back end if the industry terms change! How cool is that?

Most job candidates know that modern hiring depends on keyword searches and uses electronic applicant tracking systems (ATS) like Hirebridge, iCIMS, Taleo or Brassring. These electronic systems search resumes for keywords entered by human resources when a role or job description is posted. They rank and stack resumes against one another to find the most qualified candidates.


But did you know that displaying an electronic badge can also help employers find you, even when you're not looking? An electronic badge, like Acclaim Badging, backed by Pearson, not only allows an employer to electronically validate your skill sets, certifications and accomplishments, it can also help employers find you online on social media or a website, even when you're not looking!

Many badging systems already integrate with your social media accounts, allowing you to proudly display and verify your professional training or certifications, like Six Sigma or CMMI. But now, many employer ATS systems are also integrating electronic badging into their search capabilities, meaning that electronic badging might make it easier for employers to find you!

The 2015 Pearson Student Coding Contest is in its final week and we're really proud to offer Acclaim badging to contestants with accepted idea proposals. If you know an undergraduate with a great idea for a learning app, don't let them pass by this cool opportunity to earn an Acclaim badge, while they're still in school!

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