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Posted by donna.barbieri | about 3 years ago

Recently, we concluded the first ever Pearson Student Coding Contest, and it was a smash hit.

We flew the three finalists to our Pearson College office near Denver, CO where they presented their application to a panel of external judges. Take a couple of minutes to watch this video that highlights our day with the finalists. We were surprised to learn none of them had experience with RESTful APIs prior to the contest.

Here are links to each of the finalists' submissions:

First place: Mike Purvis from the University of Hawaii, Hilo

Module to integrate with Pearson course content with existing Drupal university websites

Second place: Wilson Johnson from the University of Texas at Dallas

Ecosystem - Education, social media, badging, and gamification all in one on your mobile device

Third place: Tracy Oguni from the University of Texas at Arlington

StudyBuddy - Android app to help students manage the common problem of scheduling their assignments and study time

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