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Posted by Anthony | about 4 years ago

As we move toward a “One Pearson” approach to everything we do as a company both internally and externally, we’re excited to be merging our APIs into a single platform accessible through

Some of you relying on Pearson data and content APIs may be aware that Pearson currently maintains a number of separate outlets for APIs. Soon, the education-centric APIs that are currently available at will come together with those at, establishing a standard developer portal and URL that’s easily identifiable in the community.

In unifying these two platforms, it will become easier for both current and future developers to readily access multiple Pearson products in one central location.


We expect to make the transition toward the end of summer. Over the next few weeks we will be sharing updates on timing and changes that might impact you via the Developer Blog and Twitter. You can stay informed of these and other updates by subscribing to our newsletter and following this blog. If you have any questions in the interim, please contact us at



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