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Posted by Anthony | about 5 years ago

Over the past year the Pearson Developer’s team has participated in hackathons around the world. During those rare moments of downtime between flights, we’ve shamelessly indulged in a bit of Family Guy.


However, we’ve never done both of these things at the same time...until now. Thanks to the creative efforts from Signal Fire, the API Scavenger Hunt aims to bring these two things together to engage higher ed computer science students in a virtual hackathon. Last year they held the Hacker Olympics, which featured an impressive list of nearly 40 universities across the US.


The Scavenger Hunt is designed to challenge students to solve problems utilizing technology and APIs. This is an opportunity for students to work with and discover participating partners’ products and services as well as display their skills and command with different technologies. Pearson Developers is participating in this event to expose content APIs to this market (dkimages and Kitchen Manager). Finally, Family Guy comes into the mix as each of the challenges relates to those experienced by characters from the show.


Register for the challenge here.

Feel free to reach out to us on twitter @PearsonAPI or you can reach Gregg at ( / @alpsgm) or Anthony at ( / @AnthonysTweets_) if you have any questions.


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Always Learning