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Glue Conference Hackathon in Colorado - Thurs, 5/24/12 - Gregg Alpert
Not only was the Gluecon Conference a great place to discuss and learn about converging technology trends but also an opportunity for me to connect with my old hometown of Denver / Boulder.

After a long day of conference sessions a crowd of enthusiastic developers came together to turn their ideas into reality and hack for a total value of $8,000 in great prizes.

Teams hacked well into the early morning. At noon on Thursday, 5/24 teams submitted their ideas. The room filled up as people wanted to hear the teams pitch their concepts. In the end we saw a number of creative uses of APIs from the participating companies, but Tasteful Movies came out on top as the Best in Show App as well as the winner of the best use of the Pearson API. Tasteful movies is a classic play on dinner and a movie where a meal is paired with a movie. Nate Faubion and Jeff Olchovy of Flow used our Pearson Kitchen Manager API and the Netflix API to search ingredients you have in your pantry to determine what dish you could create. From there, they integrated the Netflix API to determine a movie that would complement the meal. They did a great job mashing up these APIs as well as clean demo. For example, their creation of an apple pie led to the recommendation of the American Pie series of movies!

The Winning Team, Nate and Jeff from Flow

I want to give a shout out to Peter Pascale from Pearson for doing a great job putting together a successful and fun hackathon, Eric Norlin for hosting the Glue Conference, the participating API providers, including: Pearson, AT&T, Loggly, Mashery, Cloudspokes and Orbotix and to all the hackers who competed in the hackathon!

Thanks to everyone who participated and for the feedback! Please reach out to us @PearsonAPI for any follow up and be sure to check out our developer community.

Other Notable Hacks and Awards:

JSON Abuse Award
CloudSnap Team - Colin, Chris and Steve for their integration of Full-Contact search into salesforce.

AT&T Cloud Connect Prize
Rene Garcia, James Francey, Matt Dodge
Best use of AT&T Cloud Connect to perform automatic conversions including PDF conversion of documents you upload to your dropbox.

AT&T API Prize + Full Contact API Use
Grex Team
HTML5 iOS and Android App for turning twitter handles from conference badges into complete contact info via the Full Contact API and Tiggzy, available now on Google Play! (Yeah, an app in < 24 hours!)

Mashery Prize
Prabhu Velayutham, Dave Fauth, Lou Paglia - Flicks@ - Flick movie recommendations to your friend's Netflix Queues.

Best Use of Loggly API + AT&T API
Joey McDonald for his log-based System Attack notification based on Loggly and ATT APIs.

Lone Wolf Prizes - two individuals who did complete Apps SOLO
Dan Moore - for his Real Estate Here and Now integrating craigslist real estate listings, census data, and Full Contact API look-up.

Jeremy Haberman's RainGuage - Weatherbug integration Android App that tells you when and how much to water your lawn.


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