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Posted by toddinorum | about 3 years ago

As the 2015 Pearson Student Coding Contest entry deadline draws near (tomorrow night at Midnight MST), I find myself wishing as an employee that I could join the contest. I have cool ideas for learning apps too!

I'm not a coder. I am technical writer/editor and a technical trainer. And over the past years, I've also become an implementation specialist for learning technologies, leading a go-live for a corporate LMS, and providing support to a Canvas implementation at Boston College. 

But in recent weeks, I've learned a lot about coding using APIs and Web API Automation tools, virtual building blocks, and I feel hopeful that coding is something that I could learn! I'm known to be pretty geeky!

This week, I had the privilege of editing a wonderful educational piece on these technologies, written by our own Warwick Bailey of the UK office, a piece I hope you'll read when it is published next week. What I learned (while editing) is that even non-technical people (those who are most likely writing system requirements to match use cases) can now program using incredibly flexible, adaptable and reusable APIs, plug-ins and other efficiency tools and building blocks. Our own Pearson Developer's Network (PDN), chock full of these tools, is changing to become the single source of these efficiency tools for Pearson developers and partners, and its an exciting time to be a part of the team supporting the PDN.

What kind of app would I build if I could join the 2015 Pearson Student Coding Contest? I'd build an app to provide all course notifications to me in one interface, so that I wouldn't have to log in to get them. Wait, I think that might already be possible! The mechanism and its simplicity was detailed in Warwick's article. Be sure and look for it and learn!

And be sure to encourage any undergrad to enter the 2015 Student Coding Contest. Buidling cool apps is fun, and simpler than ever! And if an entrant qualifies with a great idea submission, they will recieve an electronic Acclaim badge to use in social media...and they just might qualify to win cash!


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