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Posted by tristansokol | about 4 years ago

Web components are a cutting edge technology that could fundamentally change the way that websites are designed and how companies share their content.

I first heard about them while watching the Google IO keynote, and was half blown away and half skeptical about what I was hearing. Web components sounded awesome, but almost seemed too good to be true. You can read definitions all over the web (I particularly like this one) but basically web components allow you, as a web developer/designer, to create and use custom html tags that compartmentalize and simplify the the different aspects of your website. This has an especially useful application when incorporating APIs and third party content into your page.  Imagine if adding a Google Map with directions was as easy as just adding

<google-map map="{{map}}">
    <google-map-directions map="{{map}}" startAddress="San Francisco" endAddress="Mountain View">

instead of all of the obscure html and javascript you have to use now. Pretty great huh?


Since web components could have such a big impact on APIs, Will and I are going to lead the charge and componentize some of Pearson's APIs, starting with the ever popular Longman Dictionary API. Expect an update with our progress soon!


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