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What’s Happening

The Pearson Developers Network and LearningStudio/WSOD Program is building out next generation tools for supporting our developer community, providing better metrics and analytics, and ensuring system stability. To power much of this effort, we use API infrastructure middleware provided by Apigee (, and now need our API consumers to transition their systems to point toward our Apigee­-powered hostname.

The move to Apigee will eventually power an array of tools and features to offer better support for your applications. Key benefits include:

  • Seamless integration with our new Pearson Developers Network (PDN) portal so you can manage apps and eventually track metrics directly from your PDN account.

  • Greater uptime by protecting the WSOD servers from attacks and traffic spikes.

  • Improved metrics so we can monitor usage and make more informed product decisions.

  • Better analytics for you, so you can make more informed product decisions.

What’s Changing

Only the hostname you use to make LearningStudio API calls needs to change to (instead of Your existing API keys will remain the same, as will the API calls themselves.

Note, you may use a variety of services from Pearson, and this change applies only to the LearningStudio RESTful APIs commonly known as WSOD; in other words, you only need to swap out the domain with the new one. If you use other APIs with a different domain, that will not be changing at this time.

What’s the Risk

There is minimal risk for this transition. We have been working with Apigee for nearly two years and have already migrated several large consumers to the platform, successfully processing more than 5 million transactions a day.

Is this Required?

The old hostname is being retired, and we need all API consumers to make the change.

What if I Don’t Have Active Apps?

If you have not launched the application that used these APIs, but still might in the future, please make the change in your code so you don’t forget in the future.


The hostname is scheduled to be deprecated by August 29, 2014. When you schedule and/or complete the change, please notify your Pearson representative.


Please contact the PDN Developer Services team at

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