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This past weekend Gregg and Anthony from Pearson APIs attended the Foursquare Hackathon in San Francisco and New York City respectively. The two locations comprised the in-person component of the hackathon but others were able to compete for the crown virtually from anywhere in the world.


In order for teams to be eligible for the crown they needed to utilize the Foursquare API.

The following hacks are Gregg’s favorite from San Francisco:
  • DropTask: post and accept a task: enabling foursquare users to make money and a monetization strategy for foursquare: utilized sendgrid and twilio apis
  • HipSpot: play unique moblie games at the places you checkin.
  • Dinerbeware: alerts users to the health score of places you check into - gives an overall health score and the violations
  • Checkintowork: rewarding loyal small business customers with job offers as they know and care about that small business so they would potentially be a good hire


Dinerbeware Hack


The following hacks are Anthony’s favorite from New York City:

  • Leave Kudos: A mobile app that allows you to comment on great service you received at retail establishments that you’ve checked into. I thought this was a cool concept, especially as I’ve worked quite a bit of retail while in undergrad.  
  • GymShamer: I enjoyed the UX and concept of GymShamer. The application basically calls you out on your social media channels for not sticking to your New Year’s resolution to go to the gym. Not sure if I’d be gutsy enough to use it though!
  • Jamsesh: Used the foursquare API to to queue music at local restaurants and retail stores. Great for when you’re stuck listening to incessant Christmas music during the holidays. 


Leave Kudos and Gym Shamer


Thanks to the Foursquare team for hosting the hackathon!

Feel free to reach out to us on twitter @PearsonAPI or you can reach us at ( / @alpsgm and / @anthony_connect) if you have any questions.



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