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Mhacks, the completely student-organized hackathon at the University of Michigan kicked off on Friday, February 1st.  550-600 students were shuttled in from UIUC, Purdue, CMU/Pitt/Penn/PSU, and UToronto/UWaterloo in addition those from the University of Michigan for largest student hackathon to date!


By the time the 36 hours of hacking ended on Sunday, February 2nd at 11AM, there were a total of 128 projects submitted with 82 of those completed for demos. Presentations were done "science fair"-style with developers set up at tables to demo their applications, and judges walking about taking notes on their favorite pitches. 




The judge's top 10 demos were then presented to the public for judging. The overall winning team speakeasy used the Longman Dictionary and Ribbon API to create a web app that "to allows users to chat with someone that speaks a foreign language in your own native language!" Learn more about the application here


Be sure like MHacks to stay in the loop for all upcoming events. Many thanks to the University of Michigan student organizers and especially Jack Wink for doing a great job representing Pearson onsite. 




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