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Posted by Anthony | about 5 years ago

Beginning September 13 2013, we will begin the process of retiring the Longman Dictionary API. This means that new users will not be able to sign up for a production key for this API.


At the same time we will be moving the Dictionaries API out of beta and encouraging people to sign up for this API instead to gain access to all of Pearson’s dictionary content. There are more dictionaries available within the API that developers can utilize in their product, such as: LDOCE5, English-Chinese Dictionary; Longman Active Study (LASDE), and the Longman WordWise Dictionary. We will share details of upcoming additional data sets very soon!


Those who have active keys to the Longman Dictionary API will still be able to use them until December 31, 2013. On January 1, 2014, all Longman Dictionary API keys will stop working. Therefore, we encourage developers who wish to continue using the Longman Dictionary API to sign up for access to the Dictionaries API to avoid any service interruption.

  If you have any questions or concerns regarding this, please email and we will try to assist as much as possible.

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