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Posted by donna.barbieri | about 5 years ago

Welcome to the "new" Pearson Developers Network!

We're currently in Beta as we continue our work to improve the user experience and features available to you, our developer community. In this Beta period you'll have access to the LearningStudio API documentation – and you'll be able to request your developer key for those APIs. If you've ever visited our current Pearson Developers Network at you'll likely notice the improvements we've started to make here – such as the ability to discover APIs by associated Product or by the Capability of the API and our new community support forums and tools.

In the next few months we'll be adding some new APIs to this site and announcing our plans for migrating our current developer network at to this new developer portal. In the meantime, if you have an account in you should continue to use that as your primary account. Of course, you're also welcome to create an account in our Beta site and check out the new features we have available for you today!

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