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As a follow up to our nomination announcement, we are going to take a moment now to congratulate ourselves & reflect on our winning achievements.

Winner: Best Developer Experience

The Pearson PDN program, of which this portal is one component, was recognized for its excellence in enabling developer success, offering support and tools, and inviting interaction and feedback.

As some of you Web Services on Demand (LearningStudio API) users know, we've been working in recent years to create a true developer program. Getting recognition in this category really validates not only the work we've done, with your input, but also the work we're planning on doing. We hope you'll all continue to join us in our developer community and our quest to develop game-changing educational applications.

Winner: Top Digital Visionary

Pearson also has leaders who are working on positive change within our organization and beyond, through APIs. Joint Pearson winners, Allen Rodgers (Director, Developer Network and API Program) and Kendrick McLish (Head of Product Marketing and Strategy, Global Higher Education) lead Pearson Higher Education's digital strategies. They were recognized for pioneering Pearson Higher Education's platform approach to enable a digital education environment that adapts to the needs of the individual learner in real time. Individually and together, they are transforming enterprise innovation within Pearson and for our customer and partners.

For more information, about all the winners and categories, check out the full announcement on Software Industry News.

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