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The Pearson Developers Network (PDN) provides API documentation, tools, and support for developers as they utilize Pearson APIs to create exciting and new applications for users world-wide. A developers network is nothing new; any large company full of technologists and the drive to share their data via application programming interfaces (APIs) has a developers network of some sort. What makes the PDN stand out? The answer is in the vast products and product lines and educational platforms offered by Pearson Education.

More than ever, APIs are becoming an important aspect of development. Developers are being provided with better tools and more flexibility to create applications that can positively affect someone’s daily life. As the PDN grows, developers will be able to find not only one API set on a specific platform or product but a multitude of API sets from a broad range of offerings. Additional tools for testing APIs and getting setup sooner will also be added to the PDN. The forums are also in place to allow developers to share knowledge and progressively build a knowledge base to facilitate more rapid development.

The possibilities of what a developer may create with these APIs is limitless and, overtime, these developers will not only be able to embark on financially sustainable development endeavors but also add to the value of education of students all around the world. It is exciting to think of what applications utilizing Pearson APIs await us in the near future. It is just as exhilarating to be at the start of the Pearson Developers Network, to hold witness to new APIs being spun up and new concepts, unimaginable only a few years ago, come to life.


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