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I have to admit it; I was really excited to read the story behind Pearson's new brand. I'm a techie; very geeky, and I love learning! It's what drives me.

An email this week by Karen Starns explained the re-branding and how much thought went into it: connecting a long-standing traditional of education publishing to a next generation company with a passion for learning. She included materials and links to the brand hub, items that explained the brand and the logo, with links to materials and assets for Pearson employees to create their own materials using the new brand. She helped explain the interobang (the "P" made up of the inquisitive question mark ? and the excited exclamation mark !) and further explained that the new logos help make Pearson branding more globally friendly with features that make it both "accessible" and easier to localize.

I'm into that stuff! In my former roles at places like MIT's edX, I spent time learning about accessibility and localization for learning. I attended talks put on by companies who brought speech technologies to those with communication challenges. We live in an exciting time for all learners.

I learned that much of our new stock photography was crowd sourced. I'm a published photographer, so I loved hearing that.

But most importantly, I loved the message that came across...that the new branding was intended to help carry the message we all care about at Pearson: "Where learning flourishes, so do people."

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Always Learning