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Earlier this week I was pleased to be notified via Google Alerts that API Evangelist (one of our favorite news sites) published an article about our brand new Nursing & Health Survival Guide API! In the article titled Launching APIs One Book At a Time, API expert Kin Lane wrote: 

For support, Pearson provides a contact form while also maintaining an active presence on Twitter, and even provides a "report a bug" feature for each API.  The terms of of use for Pearson APIs is pretty liberal, allowing to me use their content in my commercial applications, even if I use advertising.

Pearson has a done well in opening up their content with APIs. They’ve done it wisely, requiring registration so they can track how its used, but keeping registration self-service and providing sensible terms of use, so they are protected, but also giving developers enough freedom so they can get to building apps and innovating around their content.

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Have you tested our APIs out yet? If so, let us know what you think!



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