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Hi, my name is Dan and I'm the lead developer for the Plug & Play project.

A bit of background: I was rather shocked when I realised that I've now been earning a living from computing for 18 years and tinkering with them for many more. For a large chunk of this time I worked at IBM's Hursley location where I performed many roles including product development, testing, delivering services, local SIGs, teaching, running beta programmes and many more things that I can remember. Anyway, I'm not there now. I decided to leave and enter the contracting market, just about the same time as the last banking fuelled crash. Rather surprisingly managed to find work in this rather bleak period and then a little while ago I too some time off to experience being a father for the first time.

About three months ago I got invited to work for Pearson to deliver what you're looking at now. Our small team of Pearson and selected partners have been very busy over the last three or so months building everything from the ground up. We have built the front end based on and in collaboration with the folks at Apigee. At the back end we have developed a set of services that parse and process the datasets and serve them up as APIs.

In my spare time I like to relax, perhaps walking the our labrador who loves to go swimming in the river Test. When the season is right I forage for edible wild mushrooms which I find a very therapeutic past time, except for the one occasion I misidentified a 'shroom and spent most of the night in the bathroom.

Anyway, I hope this series of blogs will help keep you up to date with the goings on with the APIs and other projects as they materialise.

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