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On the 22nd and 23rd of November, Amsterdam held their inaugural Droidcon conference. Pearson were a sponsor and I was fortunate enough to be able to go along and give a talk on Plug and Play.

The trip started badly, with heavy fog in Amsterdam causing a three-hour wait on the plane before take-off. Apparently we landed on auto-pilot, so well done to the computer! Arriving late, there weren’t many hours of sleep available before an early start to set up our Pearson “booth”, where we were giving away t-shirts and stickers. We were set up right next to our Dutch colleagues Raymond and Rutger, who work in the Benelux sales team.

Pearson Booth

I’d found out just three days before, that my talk would be on the main stage! This being my first ever public talk, I was a little nervous before-hand, but I felt fine when I actually got up there.

Main stage

I’d spent a while working on the slides because I was keen to build them as a Web application. This was admittedly a fair bit more work than making a Powerpoint deck, but I enjoyed having total control over the experience and being able to build an API example right into the slides.

I really enjoyed the conference and met some very interesting people there. I think everyone saw it as a great success for the first Netherlands Droidcon event. With a Dutch Android User Group having recently formed too, I’m sure the Android community will go from strength to strength there.

I have embedded my slides below. To try them out, please use the latest version of Chrome or Safari. (The latest version of Firefox should work well too, except it won’t play the MP3 audio). Click inside the slide (to give it focus), then you can use the arrow keys to navigate. On slide 13, it is possible to make an actual call out to the Longman Dictionary API. Try searching for a word that starts with A-C (e.g. “cat”). The result should appear below, along with audio that you can play.

Left + right - move between the slides
Up + down - step through each slide’s transitions



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