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Dan Ginsberg (VP of Global Product Strategy) speaking with the Tech@NYU Group

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Last month, Tech@NYU collaborated with Pearson for our final HackNight of the academic year. As always happens at a HackNight, student designers and developers from all over NYC came together to work on their personal and academic projects in a cool space.


This special HackNight also included a lively talk by Dan Ginsberg, Pearson’s VP of Global Product Strategy and a former middle school science teacher. The event was held at Pearson’s SoHo office.


Dan’s talk addressed Pearson's transformation from a textbook-oriented company to a

technology-oriented one. He talked about how Pearson and its education partners have

used digital offerings and made-to-order books to escape the traps of large print runs,

such as quickly outdated examples and high costs for students. He also talked about

other publishing industry challenges, such as accurate demand forecasting and the lack of feedback mechanisms.


Dan challenged us to think about how we can use technology to improve our education.

If you have page-by-page usage information, how can we use that to improve textbooks? Do people spend a lot of time on a particular page because the language is unclear or simply because the concept is complex? As technologists, we take for granted the easy access to information that other industries do not always have.


It was great seeing many familiar faces and some new ones too. We had a huge turnout from the executive board and, after some emotional parting words from the graduating seniors (shoutout to Steven and Brittany!), we wrapped up for the semester.



Thank you Pearson for hosting us and for everyone that made this semester a great success. I look forward to seeing you again in the fall.


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