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Contestants of the 2015 Pearson Student Coding Contest! Here are some links and resources you might find helpful as you develop your apps and get ready to submit your entry on January 4th, 2016!


We had a great session yesterday on our "Office Hours" webinar! Here we've provided some resources for you and your team.

If you have specific technical questions for our support team, please email us at: For contest specific questions, email:

In this Post:


DevPost Submissions and Help


Here is a quick tutorial on how to submit your entry using your DevPost account.


And we answered an important question:

Yes, you can edit your project even if it is already submitted to the contest, all the way up to the submission deadline. So, be sure and get your DevPost  profile and project pages started right away!


Need Help with Markdown?


Technical Help


Quik Start Guide for the Student Coding Contest:

PDN GitHub Links:

Link to the PDN reference info:

Here you will find code libraries, Hello World and the API Explorer:


If you're encountering any issues, please reach out to us and we can always schedule a quick Hangout to share screens and answer questions! Happy Coding! 


And stay tuned..we'll publish more tips next week!



Follow the contest at: @PearsonAPI on Twitter and

Facebook at





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