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About Me

I'm a developer/architect with over 10 years of experience in various technologies. I have developed for various mobile platforms and found Windows Phone to the easiest one of all. I love building applications for mobile platforms and find it gratifying when I see some person out in the world using one of my apps.

My profile on LinkedIn can be found here.

The app

I built this app at the AT&T Mobile App Hackathon in San Jose. I got introduced to the APIs offered by Pearson at the event and found them easy to use. I quickly built a Dictionary application for Windows Phone platform using Pearson's Longman Dictionary API. The application was easy to put together and the APIs were fast and responsive which made the app a winner in its category. This app lets the user search for any word and it pulls its description using Pearson's Longman API. A user can see the words they searched for in the History tab or mark any word as a favorite to see it in the Favorites tab. One of the unique features of this app is that once it fetches a description of a word from Pearson's web service, it saves it locally, avoiding the need to make the same call again for the given word. With this feature in place, the user is able to see the results even faster.

This app also keeps accessibility in mind by allowing the user to choose from large or regular fonts for the display. The app also mashed up its data set with another dictionary API in order to provide word/spelling suggestions in case the user types a word which does not exist in the dictionary.


Working with the XML data received from Pearson was pretty easy in C#. I was able to parse out the data and remove duplicates from the data set before showing it to the user. My recommendation to Pearson is to provide its own word/spelling-suggestion feature to make its API even more useful.


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