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Posted by Anthony | about 4 years ago

Last month we launched the second Pearson Student Coding Contest. After receiving a number of requests for an extended entry period, we've decided to extend the Idea Proposal submission period through November 15, 2014. This means you have an extra few weeks to determine what you want to build and submit your idea to us.


New API for you to use. You can also now use the Pearson SCORM services in your application, if you choose. Visit Pearson APIs for all the available APIs you can use in the 2014 Pearson Student Coding Contest.

What if you already submitted for the Oct 15 deadline? You'll still find out whether or not your Idea Proposal was accepted by October 27. If it is accepted, you'll have an extra month to code and perfect your application. If it is not accepted, you'll have the opportunity to resubmit your original proposal based on comments from the judges or to submit a brand new idea for evaluation.

What exactly is the new Idea Proposal Deadline? Idea Proposals must be submitted no later than 11:59 PM MT, November 15, 2014.

Questions? Reach out to us on the contest forum.


About: The Pearson Student Coding Contest is designed to reward Contestants who develop relevant, innovative, creative, functional, and original applications that integrate with the Pearson APIs. This year, we invite you to join us on our path to ensuring the efficacy of online learning tools. Efficacy in education is about ensuring the tools learners use are driving improvements in their learning.



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