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  Last week, the Pearson Plug & Play team hosted the latest cabal of Young Rewired State hopefuls. All were planning on creating something amazing in the space of a week, surviving only on their skills and wits.   They arrived from numerous schools at Pearson's 80 Strand Office on Monday morning, brimming with excitement, energy and ideas. It wasn't too long before they'd settled on their app idea - a way of connecting coders and software projects. As we've come to expect, coming up with the right name was a slightly more difficult task, but after a bit of inspiration they'd decided on "PinTheCoder".   A mockup came swiftly afterwards - A location based search and social aspect to enable the connecting of skills and requirements. Then it was on to the fun part, making the app!   The group had all of the skills required to make this idea a reality:

  • HTML
  • CSS
  • PHP
  • A handful of Java

All they needed was a plan!  


  Before long, tasks had been allocated, a domain was registered and hosting was arranged. After a few days hard work the app was complete and presented to the jury. As expected it went down a storm, the app was nominated as a "Should Exist Finalist".   The Team Team404 Team Size 8 (with a little help from their friends from the Pearson Developer Relations Team) The App PinTheCoder, a marketplace for coders.  



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Always Learning