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The Pearson Student Coding Contest that will take place September 3 - November 30, 2013. The contest theme is how students can use  Pearson APIs and digital technology to transform education, specifically around mobile applications, time-saving tools, learning and retention, or non-traditional technology utilization. 


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The Pearson Developers Network (PDN) provides API documentation, tools, and support for developers as they utilize Pearson APIs to create exciting and new applications for users world-wide. A developer network is nothing new; any large company full of technologists and the drive to share their data via application programming interfaces (APIs) has a developers network of some sort. What makes the PDN stand out? The answer is in the vast products and product lines and educational platforms offered by Pearson Education.

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Once again, Plug & Play had the pleasure to attend Launch48 Weekend in October this year.   The event kicked off on Friday evening (October 18) at City University with a brief welcome presentation by organiser Simon McCann, followed by 60-second-pitches from attendees. 8 ideas were chosen as projects for the weekend (1 team broke up early on Saturday, so there were only 7 pitches in the end).

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We are pleased to announce that we have moved the Dictionaries Beta API out of Beta and into production. A big Thank You to all those who have provided us with feedback, and we hope that the updates we have made are useful to all users of the API.    

Whats New?

  The following sections highlight the main updates we have made to the Dictionaries API since it became available as a Beta API.    

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(as written by Toby :-))   It can be held back no longer: The API client library is raring to go and has escaped into the wilds of GitHub. You can find it here:

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Over the past couple of months I had the opportunity to work with aspiring developers, Max Malin and Josh Sprague, through the Hack Reactor coding school.


Information about the Hack Reactor School:

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Last month, two of my colleagues represented Pearson and the Future Tech team at the Startup Weekend Education event in Chicago. The event brought together people with different areas of expertise who share a passion for education and believe that we can develop new solutions to old problems in this space for an intense weekend of learning, networking and building.

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Join us for a full day of talks, panels, and networking dedicated to discussing the promotion and advancement of education. Featuring innovative thinkers in the education space, we'll hear how entrepreneurs, non-profits, and corporations are collaborating to find new ways to help students learn.