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Developer: Bridgepoint Education
Level of Effort: Advanced
Developer Resources: 2-3 Full Time Developers
Delivery Medium: iOS Tablet Application
API Platforms Used: LearningStudio APIs

The Challenge

Bridgepoint Education was looking for a means to provide a differentiated user experience to students, allow for pulling in data sets fro the various systems that students interact with as well as provide for a means to allow for students to complete their course work in between their busy work schedule.  In order to accomodate all of these needs, the team at Bridgepoint Education sought to pioneer a building out a best in class mobile experience that was custom taillored to their student population.   


The Solution

Our partners at Bridgepoint Education took on the challenge of building a first class mobile student experience.  Intial design sessions was conducted between the Bridgepoint Education and Pearson teams to determine the domains that would be focused on within the application as well as identity any gamps that existed with the LearningStudio suite.  Intial work was focused on grade to date, scheudling and threaded discussion domains.  The goal was to provide a consolidated view for students in order to have quick reference to course information based on their current progress within the course.  For example, instead of students being presented with content and data points related to the entire course or the begining the coourse wihen they log in, they are instead seemlessly brought to the exact week content of the course based on progress and assignment dates.  Threaded discussion views are also optimized to present posts with the newest posts appearing first.

The second phase of the project focused on supporting take exam workflows for students.  With this base functionality, students are now able to complete an entire exam through the convenience of their mobile application wihtout the need the directly access their course section.

The final piecea incorporated within the application is pulling data pertaining to financial aid status, student services contacts as well as single sign on access to university resources.


How’d They Do It? 

This solution uses a wide sampling of the LearningStudio API set to generate this aggregated view for use in streamlining the workflow of students. A summary of the “how” including the APIs used is described below:

  1. User APIs - Leveraging the user API set to pull back user context for given student for display within the mobile application (first name, last name, etc.).

  2. Course List APIs - The course list APIs are leveraged in combination with leveraging the API start/end date filtering capabilities in order to pull back an active list of courses the student is currently enrolled in.

  3. Course Grade APIs - The course grade APIs are consumed as the foundation for displaying real time grade to date information, counts of assignments graded, etc.

  4. Exam APIs - Support for rendering and completion of an assigned course exam through the mobile application.

  5. Schedule API - Retrival of course assingment and due dates in order to display the correspodning data points to student as well as route them to the appropriate week data within the mobile application.

  6. Threads API - Rendering and displaying thread discussion content for a given course week all sorted by the latest discussion posts first.

Screenshots and Details

Home screen of mobile application which allows for a single view of student resources, grade to date, and course list data points.

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Always Learning