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Exploring the APIs

Please be advised that the Brilliance Series, Kitchen Manager, and Visual QuickStart Guides APIs are deprecated and are no longer available for new development or use. The Dictionary is the only active API available in the series. Currently, it is in an indefinite Beta state.


Step 1: Click Register at the top right of

Step 2: Enter your contact details and activate your account using the link that is sent to you by email. For access to be granted, you must agree to the Terms and Conditions.

Step 3: Once signed in, you'll be able to explore the Content APIs using the Try It Out feature. To unlock the full content within the API, register for a Production Key.


Registering for an API Production Key


Step 1: When signed into your account, click My Apps in the top navigation.

Step 2: Enter an App Name so that you can identify the application in your profile, and for Product, select Production.

Step 3: If you have a Special API Code, enter it or simply click Create App.

Step 4: Click your App Name to view your key information.

Step 5: To make API calls, add the consumer key to the URL as the value of the apikey parameter:

The base URLs for the Content APIs are as follows:

  • DEPRECATED - Brilliant Series:
  • Dictionaries:
  • DEPRECATED - Pearson Kitchen Manager:
  • DEPRECATED - Visual QuickStart Guides:

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