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This API retrieves the version of a Web Content Upload content item that is displayed in the LearningStudio user interface. That can be HTML, a PDF, or some other content.

Note that the final component of the URI is not predictable. Therefore you will need to use the List Web Content Uploads in a Course API to get this URI. This is a two-step process:

  1. Use the List Web Content Uploads in a Course API to retrieve the link to the content.
  2. GET the URL provided in the contentUrl parameter from this response. That URL will be this API.

Supported Roles and Authentication Protocols

Type Supported Values
Authentication Protocols OAuth 2.0
Valid for Roles (OAuth 2): Professor, Teaching Assistant, Student

API Request

API Endpoints

HTTP Verbs and URIs

GET /courses/{courseId}/webContentUploads/{contentItemId}/content/{contentPath}
  • Retrieves the content for a Web Content Upload content item.


Name Description Valid Values
{courseId} LearningStudio Course ID. Numeric ID issued by LearningStudio. Note this API does not support course overloads.
{contentItemId} ID of the Content Item. Numeric ID issued by LearningStudio
{contentPath} Filename of the HTML content to return. This is not predictable, and can only be retrieved from this API call. A random string provided by LearningStudio

Query String Parameters

No Query String Parameters are supported.

Request Body


API Response

Response Header

This API returns the standard HTTP Status Codes used by the LearningStudio APIs. In addition, it also sends a Content-Type HTTP header.

Response Body

This API typically returns content that can be rendered in a browser. There is no JSON or XML envelope, and the payload is suitable for immediate rendering to your application view, if applicable.




GET /courses/123456/msOfficeDocuments/12345678/content/f6de8898-61b8-4572-b300-98c72ff6cde8.html


HTTP Headers (Partial)

Content-Type: text/html


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