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Developer: Student Coding Contest Entry
Level of Effort: Moderate
Developer Resources: 1 Student Coding Contest Participant
Delivery Medium: iOS Application
API Platforms Used: LearningStudio APIs
Facebook APIs

The Challenge

In any course, fellow students are one of the best resource that students have. Unfortunately, this resource is often underutilized with students working through courses in an individual fashion without available opportunities to interact and support their peers.  

The Solution

CrowdLearn is a tool that allows students to help students. Users are able to interact with students who are enrolled in the same course as they are at their school, and students using the same textbook at any other institution. Students have the ability to set up study groups, share web resources discovered over the duration of a course, and ask each other questions. CrowdLearn also benefits teachers. Instructors who have Pearson LearningStudio credentials can use CrowdLearn data to evaluate student comprehension of class topics. They can view chapter-specific analytics on frequently asked questions and concepts.


How’d They Do It? 

This solution uses a wide sampling of the LearningStudio API set to generate this aggregated view for use in the CrowdLearn application. A summary of the “how” including the APIs used is described below:

  1. User APIs - Leveraging the user API set to pull back user context for given student for display within the portal application (first name, last name, etc.).

  2. Course Enrollment APIs - The course list APIs are leveraged in combination with leveraging the API start/end date filtering capabilities in order to pull back an active list of courses the student is currently enrolled in.

  3. Course Information APIs - The course information API pulls back the relevant course context (course title, etc.) for display to the user.

Demo of Application

An overview of the application developed as part of the Student Coding Contest can be viewed below which walks through each piece of specific functionality supported:

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