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Our team's goal is to help you get started and stay moving during your development with Pearson APIs. We're ready to help as needed; these are the opportunities we offer for your team.

Extensive Self-Service Resources

Throughout the PDN you'll find comprehensive documentation, quick starts, how-to guides, sample code, libraries, and sample applications to help get you started and stay moving if you get stuck. We keep these resources current and add new material as it's available. Most of the time, questions can be answered just by reviewing our docs and resources.

If you get stuck and can't find what you need, visit the Developer Community. Someone might have asked a similar question and you'll find an answer there; or ask a new question and a fellow developer, or our API Support Team, will help you out pretty quickly. If you need configuration help, have a particularly tricky problem, or need to share non-public information, you can open a support request.

Support Partnerships

If your team is working on a major project and you want a Pearson subject matter expert you can work with regularly and consistently, you should consider a Support Partnership. These engagements provide you with a dedicated specialist who helps make the development process quicker and more efficient. We will:

  • Understand the big picture context of the project so that our recommendations are in line with your business goals and technology capability.
  • Be your subject matter expert for getting the most out of Pearson’s technology.
  • Help research functionality and options for your requirements alongside other Pearson teams.
  • Provide suggestions for best practices in incorporating Pearson technology and creating a better learning experience.
  • Be a dedicated support channel to get questions answered quickly during development.
  • Provide shortcuts to collaborating with many teams within Pearson.
  • Coordinate or advocate for product enhancements with Product Management (though we can't guarantee the roadmap can change).
  • Meet with you regularly to keep communication open.

We can also include an overview or deep-dive workshop on site with your team. If you're interested in a Support Partnership, please open a support request including your organization, the project you're working on, and a phone number and one of our managers will be in touch soon.


You can engage us to lead a workshop with your team to introduce Pearson APIs or to explore a solution more deeply. These are customized to your goals, audience, or projects, and we can work with both non-technical and deeply technical groups. Our standard set of topics includes:

  • Getting Started with APIs and the Creative Process: A guide to the same application development process our team uses, an overview of what's possible with APIs, and a design exercise to start something new. Suitable for non-technical or mixed audiences.
  • Comprehensive Introduction to Pearson APIs: A complete walk-through of getting started with our APIs. Geared for a more technical audience, this describes what to expect and how to use our APIs, with a eye toward either starting new ideas or exploring a specific project you're planning.
  • Technical Deep-Dive: We'll walk you through the ins and outs of a particular technology you're interested in using, discussing use cases, best practices, and the details around specific routes. This is for a highly technical group, and is most helpful for complex domains and specific projects.
  • Demo App Build Day: The best way to learn APIs is to use them, so this workshop will guide your team through building an application on our technology - step by step from authentication to SSO.

If you're interested in hosting a workshop, please open a support request with the details of what you need and we'll get started with you shortly.

The Innovation Program

The Innovation Program partners our team of creative technologists with your ideators to explore an idea and develop it into a workable product or proof of concept to pilot and validate product feasibility, and get to market quickly. We believe everyone— administrators, instructional designers, professors, and students—has ideas for how to make their educational experience better; we bring the technical expertise to design and build that idea. The kinds of projects we've helped with include:

  • Designing an Acclaim-powered badging application for LearningStudio.
  • Working with forward-thinking instructional designers to:
    • Experiment with a Facebook "Like" button in course content for encouraging engagement as well as university marketing.
    • Track students' progress through course content to make suggestions for what to do next.
  • Organizing a coalition of major clients to design and build new functionality for student advisors, integrated into LearningStudio.

These are collaborative partnerships. We can work with non-technical ideators to help design an application, or work with your existing idea to help refine and augment it. If you have an idea or a need that may qualify for the Innovation Program, please open a support request with the details of what you need and we'll get started with you shortly.

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