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Eimi is a digital assistant who is only an email away.





Eimi is designed to get you information to make your life better. Eimi can get you a recipe so you can cook a great spaghetti meal for your family, help plan your next trip to an exotic destination, or find the perfect book to read on your commute.


Eimi goes to information rich sources such as the Pearson Plug & Play API, fetches relevant information and sends it back to you as an email, so you have the information everywhere. Get started at:


About us


We met at The Next Web hackathon and banded together to make a fun app using awesome APIs like Pearson Plug & Play.

  • Shay - Serial entrepreneur and tech Guru. Spearheaded various tech startups and hacks for fun. Twitter: @shaydadush
  • Sandip - freelance developer. Currently hacking ruby and javascript. Twitter: @trivedisandip
  • Andrew - freelance developer. Currently hacking on Rails, iOS, etc. You can reach him on twitter: @acl777
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