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Developer: Pearson ePEN2
Level of Effort: Moderate
Developer Resources: 1 Developer
Delivery Medium: Web Application
API Platforms Used: LearningStudio APIs

The Challenge

The Pearson ePEN program is different from most that use the Pearson LearningStudio solution in that their students are actually assessment scorers, and their courses instruct the scorers how to score different test questions.  Scorers go through several courses a day, and other systems handle their enrollment.  Hitorically the ePEN team were using the default LearningStudio student portal, but UX testing and project needs produced two requirements that the default portal couldn't deliver: 1) a distraction-free interface and 2) course prerequisites.


The Solution

We determined that we needed to develop a custom user portal from scratch.  The only things our scorers need to see are the courses they are currently enrolled in and the courses they have completed, in case they want to review some information.  We leveraged course call numbers to add a prerequisite system—a course can reference the call number of another course to indicate that it is a prerequisite, keeping all data inside the PLS.  When we obtain a user's course list from the PLS, if we find a prerequisite that the user is not enrolled in, we use the SOAP API to enroll the user in the prerequisite course.  In addition, we do not display a course to the user if it has a prerequisite that has not been completed.


How’d They Do It? 

This solution uses a wide sampling of the LearningStudio API set to generate this simple course view for our scorers. A summary of the "how," including the APIs used, is described below:

  1. User APIs – The user APIs are leveraged to pull back user content for a given scorer for display within the portal application (first name, last name, etc.).

  2. Course List APIs - The course list APIs are used to pull back a list of courses the scorer is currently enrolled in.

  3. Course Grade APIs - The course grade APIs are used to filter the course list into complete and incomplete courses and to show progress.

  4. Deep Linking APIs - The deep linking APIs provide the ability to launch a course directly from the portal and redirect back to the portal upon completion.

  5. Users and Enrollments SIS API - We use this API to enroll users in prerequisite courses in which they are not already enrolled.

Screenshots and Details

After logging in, users are presented with an expanded view of their current course list along with the corresponding completed percentage.

Clicking the Completed Course icon will expand the list of completed courses for the user, illustrating completed percentage as well as a link to access the course as needed. 

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