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Context Tags are a way for to filter what messages are sent to your subscription URL. LearningStudio adds certain meta data to the events it issues, such as message type, user or course ID, etc. You can set up a subscription to limit only the events matching certain tags. For example, your subscription may be interested in:

  • All the messages of type M1, or
  • All the messages pertaining to a certain user U1, or
  • A message of type M1 pertaining to a certain user U1 within a certain course C1.

The above subscriptions would be created with:

  • TAGS=MessageType:M1
  • TAGS=UserId:U1
  • TAGS=MessageType:M1,UserId:U1,CourseId:C1


When creating subscriptions, Context Tags are always specified as the TAGS parameter. The value of the TAGS variable is a comma-separated list of "Key:Value" pairs. Do not use spaces. For example:

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