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This guide describes the API sequence for resetting an exam for a user.

Only a user role with the rights of "Course Administrator" can reset an exam for a user, which is typically a teacher and sometimes a teaching assistant (each institution can define custom roles with different rights).

Resetting an exam deletes the user's exam instance and also deletes any related attempts instance (user's saved answers). If the user takes the exam again, the process would be the same as when the user took the exam for the first time. That process generates a new question set for the user.

Important: Reset the user's exam only if an error condition occurred that prevented the user from completing the exam, such as an interrupted connection. If the user does not restart the exam before the exam's scheduled end date/time, the user will be blocked from taking the exam again.

If the user had previously completed the exam and the exam is retakable, the user should retake the exam instead of having the exam reset.

Learn more about resetting and retaking exams in the Data Model and Workflow Overview.

The following sequence maps the parallel processes between the typical actions of a Course Administrator resetting an exam and the Exam Resources performing the processing. Click the resource link to open its detailed description.

User Interface API Notes
Course Administrator finds exam. 1. Get the array of exam IDs associated with the user (the user's exam instance IDs) from course items. If the specific exam ID is known, skip this step.

GET /users/{userId}/courses/{courseId}/exams

Resetting exams are allowed only between the scheduled start and end date/times of exam.
Delete user's exam instance and attempts instance. 2. Delete exam instance.

DELETE /users/{userId}/courses/{courseId}/exams/{examId}

Related attempts instance is deleted automatically.
3. User takes exam as a new exam.

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