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One Intermediate 1 Month

Highlights the potential of the LearningStudio RESTful APIs from mobile devices. The source code for the iOS application is available on GitHub.


Name Usage Familiarity
LearningStudio REST APIs for class data High

The developer had never built an iOS application before. Learning the iOS SDK and xCode accounted for a portion of the development time.


Keeping track of happenings in multiple courses is a chore for students. They must be aware of past activity, upcoming assignments, announcements, and grades. The burden of checking for updates takes away from study time. Students need a more efficient method of staying current.


A mobile app keeps students current on course activity. Each happening in LearningStudio increments a counter on the application icon. A quick glance at the app icon informs the student on whether anything has occurred. Launching the app provides specifics and highlights the new activity.


The benefits of a mobile app notifying students of new course activity include:

  • Awareness of course activity without logging into LearningStudio.
  • Earlier detection and quicker response times in discussion forums.
  • Announcements and assignments reach students sooner.



A student authenticates after installing the application. Login only needs to occur once. The app is left running in the background to receive alerts of new activity. Reopening the application will also load new activity, but alerts will not occur if the app is stopped.

1. Student Authenticates

2. Dashboard is Loaded

3. Dashboard is Presented


The application stays aware of course happenings while running in the background. A number is incremented on the application's icon for each happening. The application must be running in the background for this number to increment, but the alerts inside the application still occur once launched. Items such as News can be deleted after being seen.

1. Activity is Discovered

2. App is Activated

3. Navigate Due Items
4. Discover Done Items

5. Read the News

6. Remove News


The Grades and Settings tabs do not trigger alerts. The Grades tab simply shows the grade to date for each course. The Settings tab controls how the application functions. Settings include course visibility, date ranges for display, manual data refresh, and logout.

1. View Course Grade

2. Configure Application


You might be wondering what additional information is behind those screens. The content is not there in most cases, but it does indicate what, when, and who was involved. This will make it easier to find when logged into LearningStudio. This could definitely be enhanced to launch directly to the content item with Deeplinking. (Hint, Hint)

1. Due Details

2. Done Details

3. News Details

4. Grades Details

5. Past Activity Options

6. Future Activity Options

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