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Variable Endpoints

LTI links can be configured to support URIs for endpoints that use unique identifiers, such as content identifiers included in the URI.

This page describes a standard LearningStudio-specific launch link that is used in LearningStudio courses. You can simply append another query string parameter named resource to that URL, and that value will be appended to the endpoint to which we send the user.

For example, if you have a piece of content that supports LTI launches and looks like this:

The launch link used in courses would look like this:

When requesting a new integration with the Developer Services team, please be sure to describe the nature of your variable endpoint URLs so we can properly setup the system.

Resource Link ID

If your solution depends on the resource link ID in LTI, this can be configured on a per-link basis when creating the links in the course. This requires no special configuration.

A resource link ID is made unique between courses by prefixing it with the course ID when the launch occurs. If you use a Master Course model, the link is sent with a different ID from one course to the next, even if the course-level resource link ID is the same. This should be taken into account if you use the resource link ID to create a bookmark in your system that should be the same between copied courses.

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