Always Learning

Retrieves the gradebook item for a given content item, if it exists.


Retrieve the gradebook structure and make changes to some settings for individual gradable items.


Retrieve the gradebook structure specific to a student and optionally include their grade for that item.


Retrieve the user's overall grade to date in a course.


Retrieves grades to date for multiple students in a course, up to 30. The results can be filtered by user ID or paginated for courses with more than 30 students.


Retrieves, Creates, Updates, or Deletes Custom Categories in the gradebook.


Retrieve, create, and delete custom gradable items for a custom category


Retrieve all grades for a gradebook item, and create, update, or delete a grade for a student.


Retrieve, Create, Update, or Delete a grade for a student and gradable item.


Retrieve the total points available to a user for all gradebook items in a course.


Always Learning