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In order to get started with SIS, you will need to contact your Strategic Customer Operations (SCO) team and have them give you access to the system. To use batch files, they will provide you with SFTP Server information, including:

  • Site license key
  • Registration number (if needed)
  • SFTP location and folder

Your SCO team will require the following information from you. Unless otherwise specified, all information is required.

File Type

For batch files, specify the type of file to use.

Value Meaning
Delimited Files have data separated by special delimiter characters.
XML Files are in XML format.

Delimiter Type

For delimited batch files, specify the type of delimiter to use.

Value Meaning
Commas Use commas ( , ) as the delimiter.
Tabs Use tab ( \t )characters as the delimiter.
Pipes Use pipes ( | ) as the delimiter.

Note: If you use delimited batch files, you must ensure that the data within the files do not contain the delimiter. For example, if you use commas as the delimiter type, you must ensure that the data within each field does not contain commas. If your data does contain commas, you need to use one of the other delimiter types. This system does not support escape characters.

Email Notifications

Value Meaning
Yes Users will receive email notifications.
No Users will not receive email notifications.

Emails can be differentiated by enrollable node, role type (for example, student or faculty), or action (for example, enrollment confirmation, drop confirmation, course waitlist, etc.). These emails can also pass the following user-specific information:

  • User Name
  • User Login ID
  • User Password
  • Course(s) Enrolled

Auto-generated emails must be configured during the initial setup of the API, and can be updated by your Client Services Representative. You can create your own email "templates" and send them to your Client Services Representative. Use the Templates for Auto-generated Emails page as a starting point.

Generate User Passwords

Value Meaning
Yes A random password will be auto-generated for each new user. Leave the password field blank in the SIS Integration request. If you are sending email notifications, then the auto-generated password will be included in the instruction email sent to the user.
No A password must be supplied in the request for the new user.

Update User Properties

Select how user properties will be updated in LearningStudio if it is determined that a value differs between the batch file record and the value in LearningStudio when the request is processed.

Value Meaning
Yes Any change in the SIS Integration request to user's name, password, email address, or any of the optional property fields will be updated to the user information in LearningStudio.
No Any differences will be ignored and not updated.
Selectively Update Only the designated user property changes will be updated. For example, a user's email address may be updated, but the password remains unchanged.

The following user properties are affected by this configuration:

  • First, middle, and last names
  • Login ID (also called "username")
  • Password
  • Daytime and evening phone numbers
  • Address (including street, city, state/province, postal code, country)

For example, if this configuration = Yes and a user email address is different in the batch file from the value already in LearningStudio, the LearningStudio value will be changed to match the value in the data file. If the configuration = No, then the difference is ignored and the LearningStudio data is unchanged.

Note: If you are using the delimited batch file type, you cannot change the user login ID (username) because the delimited file processing requires that ID to determine which users will be updated. If you are using the XML batch file type, you can change the user login ID because the XML processing uses a different process to identify users.

Source of Student Email Addresses

If you've opted to have LearningStudio email the user, we need to know what email address to use for them. This setting only applies if the (1) Send Email Notifications? setting is set to "Yes" and (2) the user's email address is not set to update in the Update User Properties setting.

Value Meaning
LearningStudio Database We'll email the student at the address we have in LearningStudio, whether or not it matches the incoming information.
Batch File We'll email the student at the address in the batch file, whether or not it matches the value in LearningStudio.

Note: If you are setting the system to always update user properties, or selectively update at least the email address (see previous section), the email address will be updated in LearningStudio before an email is sent.

Email Educational Partner

Value Meaning
Yes Send an auto-generated summary email to the Education Partner (EP) every time each batch file has been processed.
No Do not send the summary email.

One email is sent per batch file. (This feature is only available for batch file integrations; summary emails are not sent when changes are made with the SIS APIs.)

The email is sent to the address designated in the EP Email Address setting below.

EP Email Address

If the Email Educational Partner setting (above) is set to Yes, please provide a valid and working email address.

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