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The following HTTP response codes are used by the the legacy inbound SSO API.

Code Description Notes
100 Unknown Error Used as a general catch all for unexpected error types, such as internal errors.
101 Missing User Name Indicates that the request did not include a username.
102 Missing Call Number Call number not included in the c query string parameter.
103 Message Authentication Not Provided The ECLG_SSO-MAC header was not found.
104 Unauthorized Access Generic error indicating that the requested action is not allowed. This can be triggered by a variety of problems, including invalid HMAC or token, invalid system ID, and so on.
105 Unknown Login ID Requested user login ID is not associated with this educational partner.
106 Invalid Course The section identified by the call number is not associated with this educational partner.
107 Course is Closed Course is no longer open, the term has ended.
108 User is not enrolled in course The user is not enrolled in this section.
109 Invalid Client String The educational partner client string identified in the URL, is unknown.
110 Invalid Timestamp The given timestamp cannot be correctly determined, either missing, or incorrect.
111 User blocked from course The educational partner has blocked the user from the section via the messaging feature in the admin pages.
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