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Once an SSO integration is configured, institutions will be provided a LearningStudio-specific URL that will trigger the SSO launch. So even though your SSO endpoint may be something like:

the actual URL that is used in LearningStudio courses will be different. Ultimately, this URL will route the user through our SSO launching systems, which compile the session information and create the outbound launch to your system.

Therefore, while you'll provide Developer Services with your own endpoint URL, we provide our customers with a different URL that eventually takes them to your system.

LTI Launch URLs

If your SSO integration is LTI, the format for the URL will be:{thirdPartyName}:{thirdPartyEndpointName}:{resourceLinkId}:{resourceLinkName}:{additionalParameter1}:{additionalParameter2}:{additionalParameter3}:{additionalParameter4}:{additionalParameter5}

thirdPartyName and thirdPartyEndpointName are configured by Developer Services and provided with the URL. resourceLinkId and resourceLinkName must exist but can be placeholders for most integrations. Each of the additionalParameters are optional and are configured by Developer Services to populate custom LTI parameters sent with the launch.

Note that each of these parameters must be separated by a colon. A missing colon is one of the most common errors in implementing LTI URLs in courses.


Here's an example LTI launch link that would be used in a LearningStudio course:

(where 123456 is something like a content identifier sent in a custom parameter)

Appending the Endpoint with resource values

In addition to passing these additional custom parameter values in the form, you can add resource information to the endpoint URL or custom querystring parameters for variable endpoints using our "&resource=" option.


Here's an example LTI launch link that would be used in a LearningStudio course with &resource= :

Note that the resource value is required to be URL encoded in the launch link. The resulting endpoint using the initial example endpoint URL above would look like:

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